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Our designs will turn your residence into the most beautiful of homes.


Our firm was founded in 1946 and is now Malta`s leading frame importer with an exclusive selection of over 800 frame moldings to choose from, imported from leading international companies.

This widest range of frame moldings includes a choice of styles and colours that go with the latest trends and also to suite individual requirements along with competitive pricing.

Frame moldings are also sold in lengths to furnish frame makers and also customers who wish to assemble their own frame.

We offer high quality framing service using the most modern and up to date machinery available. Our staff are all highly trained in offering the best advice on colours of frames and mounts to compliment your artwork. With top level experience in this field, we focus our attention on quality and individual customer satisfaction.

We also have an extensive range of gold leaf and silver leaf frame moldings in different widths starting from10mm to 200mm in various classic and modern designs for oil paintings, made to measure mirrors etc.

Our Range

You will also find available oval and swept frames in various styles and sizes. Coloured mount boards in different textures thickness and effects which can be cut into in various shapes round, oval and other creative cuts.

For us it is fundamental also to give you an essential advice on how to preserve your art, photos, prints, antique prints etc from humidity. Also available is our restoration service.

Our team is delighted to help you find a solution that meets every detail for framing.