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Curtain Rods and Accessories

Finding just the right fabric for your window treatment is important, but don't overlook how you will be hanging it.

To make sure your window treatments are just as functional as they are beautiful, you have to understand the hardware options.

Whether hidden or exposed, your drapery hardware can be a major design factor in pulling off that ultimate design statement.

"Center support." To cover any lengthy window span, you need a functional support to hold the bar up against gravity and prevent the drapery rod from bowing.

"Elbow brackets." When a wall angles and your drapery rod needs to follow, you must place an elbow bracket in the corner to realign the rod to the angle of the wall.

"Finial." This is a decorative ornament on each end of the drapery rod.  We have many examples of these in stock for you to view, and a few in this online gallery.

"Decorative rod." Any rod that will be seen and comes in a finish serves as a decorative rod. Many decorative rods come with matching rings to coordinate.

Match your decorative rod with the other finishes in the room for complete design cohesion.

"End cap." When your drapery rod runs into a wall, you will not be able to place a finial on it. 

Sometimes one end has a decorative finial and the other end just has a cap that finishes off the drapery rod.  Usually this is where the rod finishes at right angles to a wall.


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