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Our designs will turn your residence into the most beautiful of homes.

Welcome to Art City

Come in and have a nice relaxing browse of our huge range of inspirational arts and decorations. Perhaps you have a lovely old painting which needs a little care, why not treat it to a new frame. Looking for ideas on how to turn your new house or flat into a luxurious abode, perhaps give it a style of a bygone era? Have you got a new penthouse and want to give it a distinctly masculine, monochromatic, minimalist ambience?

Different Tastes

Whether minimalist or extravagant in taste, there are treasures to be found here at Art City. There is no substitute for a visit to our emporium of art, so, why not spend some time with us?

If you love beautiful things, then you will love browsing our extensive galleries, and finding things that are truly unique here in Malta. Feel free to peruse the images on this site, but it has to be said, there is no substitute for casting your own eyes on these fine objects where they stand, this is especially true of our textured items.

 If you are looking for advice on design, layout or presentation, just ask us.

Aladdin's Cave

Whatever your taste may be, you will find plenty of great things to embellish your abode.